European citizen residence permit

European citizen residence permit

You are a British national, you can apply for a European citizen residence permit.
A residence permit is not mandatory in France for Europeans (European Union, European Economic Area, Swiss Confederation).

If you wish to apply for a residence permit:

Procedure and timetable

In view of the ongoing negotiations on Brexit, a special procedure is being set up for the processing of applications for residence permits from British nationals.

Applications must be sent exclusively by post as from 1 December 2018 to the Préfecture de la Vienne at the following address and with the following information:

Préfecture de la Vienne
« Bureau du séjour et de l’asile »
« Titre de séjour britannique »
Place Aristide Briand – CS 30589

You can also have an appointment  calling phone number : 05 49 47 25 25 to check the good constitution of your file at "sous-prefecture de Montmorillon" 1 boulevard de Strasbourg every Tuesday and Thursday morning from 8:30 to 12:30.
Moreover the deposit of the file is allowed at sous préfecture de Montmorillon.

You will find at the bottom of the page a pdf version of the form to be completed  and the supporting documents  to be sent by post. Remember to include your email address and phone number.

If the file is incomplete, a request for additional documents will be made by e-mail to the applicant.

Once the file has been processed, the applicant will be invited to the préfecture to receive the residence permit.

British nationals who already have an appointment at the prefecture that has not been cancelled are invited to go to the prefecture on the date of the appointment to submit their file. However, they can cancel their appointment by calling 05 49 55 69 11 and then send their application for a residence permit by post.


These services are totaly free, pay someone for helping does not guarantee you the good constitution of the file.

The documents to be provided

In addition to the documents common to all requests, the supporting documents required vary according to the permit requested and depend on your situation:

  • If you wish to exercise a salaried activity (refer to n°1 on the list of supporting documents)
  • If you wish to be self-employed (refer to n°2 on the list of supporting documents)
  • If you are a student (refer to n°3 on the list of supporting documents)
  • If you are not active e.g. you are self-supporting (refer to n°4 on the list of supporting documents)
  • If you are applying for a permanent residence permit (refer to No. 5 on the list of supporting documents)

> SupportingDocuments - format : PDF sauvegarder le fichiersauvegarder le fichier - 0,14 Mb

Duration of the residence permit

The maximum period of validity of a ‘titre de séjour’ or residence permit is 5 years.

If you have a right to permanent residence, the duration of the residence permit is 10 years.

Form and supporting documents


Mail : (from December 1st)